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Welcome to the Fun with Jim,  my name is James Petty.  I am a former Golf Professional; I worked for a very exclusive Country Club in Newport Beach for 10+years. In January of 2004 I started my own computer repair company that grew very rapidly, I sold off the company in 2016.

I did not get to enjoy much time off as I was quickly offered a position as the CFO for a leading construction company in Anaheim.  Currently I am the CFO only for the same construction company but now get to enjoy time off a little bit more as I no longer work on Friday's and I use that day off to have fun.

That is how Fun with Jim was created, I like playing golf, metal detecting, surf fishing, surfing, exploring and treasure hunting

Metal Detecting

I started metal detecting the beaches of Southern California on my own in 1984 when I purchased my Whites 5900. Over the past 38 years I have developed several of my own techniques on how to have success metal detecting and I have found enough great things to support my hobby.


Huntington Beach

Note: There is a $250 charge for any lost item recovered regardless of the item value. Item has 30 days from time of recovery to be claimed.

Private Metal Detecting Outings

I will be hosting a few private outings in 2022 all taking place on Fridays and they are all day events.  I will be creating a schedule and offering up chance for my subscibers to join me on these treasure hunts.

If you would like to go on a metal detecting treasure hunt with me please send me an email or comment in one of my videos as I read and respond to every single comment.

Donate of my channel by purchasing selected finds

I have never sold any of my finds, saving all the gold and silver for the past 37 years.  Now, in 2022 I would like to make my channel grow and I am trying to use my metal detecting finds to support my channel.

I will be setting up an ebay store shortly, meanwhile if you have seen anything you would like to purcahse as a donation to my channel please send me an email.